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LASAG AG – Industrial-Lasers

LASAG, a leading manufacturer of industrial Nd:YAG lasers for material processing, is a world-wide operating company with production in Switzerland and offices in USA, Germany, Japan and Italy. We are a company within The SWATCH Group Ltd., a Swiss conglomerate for microelectronics and watch industry. At LASAG, we manufacture precision, highly-reliable and user-friendly pulsed Nd:YAG lasers with average power from 10 to 1000 watts, beam deliveries (conventional and fiber optic) and relevant processing heads. As a pioneer in the industrial laser market we offer over 30 years of experience. Our lasers are primarily used for Precision Cutting, Welding, Drilling, and Ablating of metals and other materials. The application possibilities are very diverse. LASAG has sold numerous industrial solutions for industries such as Electronics, Medical Device Industry, Automotive, Solarmarket, Aerospace & Power Generation, Tooling Industry and others.

For example, within the electronic and precision industry there are applications where electrical contacts are welded, thin metal stencils are cut or tiny springs for watches are produced. Precision seam welding operations are being performed on medical instruments along with housings for microelectronics. Daily our lasers drill holes into Powertrain components or turbine blades made out of high alloyed materials. These components are often used in Aerospace & Power Generation. LASAG has earned a reputation as a world leader in the laser industry due to our application knowledge, the quality of our products and the support and service we provide. We look forward to becoming your laser partner.

Lasag AG
C.F.L. Lohnerstrasse 24
3602 Thun, Switzerland
Phone +41 33 2274545
Fax +41 33 2274573

Your contact person at the AKL´08
Dr. Dietmar Wagner
Phone +41 33 2274545

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