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OPTOTOOLS develops and manufactures fiber-coupled high power diode laser in the power range of 100W cw up to the several kW cw. Our products are especially developed for industrial use and will be used many years around the world in the production lines of well-known industrial companies and automobile suppliers.

The name OPTOTOOLS stands for the highest availability and reliability at outstanding beam qualities. With the comparatively low acquisition and operating costs high power diode laser are a very interesting alternative to lamp-pumped Nd: YAG lasers for various applications.

Through our two product lines "OEM laser modules" and "diode laser systems", we cover the needs for a variety of application areas. Our OEM modules are available from 100 W to 800W and are mainly used in the fields of plastic welding, welding thin metal plates and as a pump source for fiber lasers. The modules can easily be used in manufacturing plants and fits perfectly into manufacturing plants.
Our diode laser systems are available as stand-alone system and cover the power range of up to 4 kW. By beam qualities between 30 and 60 mm mrad, the applications welding, hardening, hard soldering and applying best served.

Optotools GmbH
Weipertstrasse 8-10
74076 Heilbronn. Germany
Phone +49 7131 7669-441
Fax +49 7131 7669-449

Your Contact Person at the AKL´08
Steffen Reinl
Phone: +49 170 3115004

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