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PROTECT- Laserschutz GmbH

PROTECT - Laserschutz GmbH is a manufacturer of laser safety products committed to the needs of the customers. The top priority is to provide an excellent service to the customers, the quick processing of the orders and fair dealing with all business partners.
The team of PROTECT - Laserschutz GmbH is specialized on the field of laser safety and has experiences in laser safety for years.
Laser safety is a domain which does not only require knowledge of lasers. It is nessecary to know the requirements of laser safety legislation. PROTECT - Laserschutz GmbH offers qualified advise according to the laser safety legislation. (f.e. laser safety educational training for the customers)
We provide a big variety of laser safety products for all fields using lasers such as industry, R & D and medicine. The laser safety data of the customers will be used for calculating the protection ratings according to the safety legislation offering the most suitable product for that application.

In co-operation with well-known partners worldwide f.e. research institutes, universities and liability insurances we are steadily working on laser safety projects.
Since early 2006 we are also involved in the committee for laser safety eyewear at DIN e.V. in Pforzheim, being responsible for the standards DIN EN 207/208 and DIN EN 12254.

PROTECT-Laserschutz GmbH
Mühlhofer Hauptstraße 7
90453 Nürnberg, Germany
Phone +49 911 9644730
Fax. +49 911 9644731

Your Contact Person at the AKL´08
Dr. Frank Wenzel
Phone +49 911 9644730

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