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Sperian Protection Inc: The new name of Glendale

Sperian Protection is the world leader in personal protective equipment. The laser safety division specializes in laser safety eyewear, windows and absorptive filter technology.

Our products are manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified factory in the USA, and are marked both according to the American ANSI standards and the European DIN EN 207 or DIN EN 208. In addition, many of our products carry the DIN quality mark – for this, regular third party product testing and factory audits, in particular of our quality control, are mandatory.

As a manufacturer of laser safety eyewear, Sperian Protection offers an extensive product range. We develop laser safety eyewear which not only offer the required protection, but also meet additional criteria such as different models which fit over corrective spectacles, the XC spectacle with a special corrective insert, and a range of High Transmission filters. Comfort for the user is central to these developments.

To reach high protection levels in particular for industrial applications, Sperian Protection manufactures various models with glass filters eg the LS6 goggle. In addition to our laser safety eyewear, we also offer a range of polymer and glass windows both in standard sizes and custom sizes.

Sperian Eye + Face Protection Inc.
Christofsstraße 5
55116 Mainz, Germany
Phone +49 6131 9066-498
Fax +49 6131 1446-446

Your Contact Person at the AKL´08
Yvonne Radau
Phone +49 171 2062067

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