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SPI Lasers UK Limited

SPI Lasers is a leading, UK based manufacturer of fibre lasers. Power levels from 10W to 200W, 15kW peak power, and a TM00 beam quality make these lasers ideal for the cutting, welding, marking, and other types of micromachining. SPI Lasers is a leader in micro application development and micro process deployment for fibre lasers.

Committed to the use of fibre lasers in manufacturing, SPI Lasers maintains a world-wide applications presence. We have assisted customers with the use of fibre laser technology in many applications including Medical Device Manufacturing, Automotive, Electronics, Rapid Prototyping, Marking, Food Packaging and Printing. SPI Lasers offers a free 30 day trial before you purchase program to allow your own in house evaluation.

Customers have chosen SPI Lasers because of:

  • increased manufacturing throughput
  • reduced manufacturing space requirements
  • reduced feature size
  • improved feature quality
  • high return on investment

SPI Lasers has a strong sales and support channel including both direct sales and international distribution. Support offices are located in Germany, USA, China and United Kingdom. For a free SPI Lasers trial, more information on fibre lasers and access to a wealth of insightful documents including Application Notes, Technical Papers and product datasheets, visit www.spilasers.com.


  • High Power system CW/M (R4) Fiber Laser 45-200W (1070nm)
  • Compact Module Pulsed (G3) Fiber Laser 10/12/20W (1065nm)
  • Compact Module CW/M 10/20W Fiber Laser (1090nm)
  • Compact Module CW/M Fiber Laser 10W (1550nm)
  • Compact Module CW/M Fiber Laser 20W (1565nm)


  • Medical Devices
  • Automotive
  • Printing
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Electronics
  • Solar Energy
  • Semiconductor
  • Plasma Display
  • Cables & Wires
  • PCB
  • Ceramics
  • Battery Technology

SPI Lasers UK Limited
6 Wellington Park
Hedge End
SO30 2QU
United Kingdom
Phone +44 1489/779 696
Fax +44 1489/779 698

Your Contact Person at the AKL´08

Frank Ritter
Phone +49 6109 501854

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